New Fish Art - Mahi Mahi

Mahi Gyotaku - Richie Gudzan

Mahi, dolphin, dorado, whatever you choose to call them, are definitely some of my most favorite (and most often painted) subjects. And this piece will always be one of my favorite pieces of art, mostly just because of the memories. This is a single female Mahi Mahi, inked and printed three times on chiri paper before becoming some awesome ceviche. I caught this fish with my wife Mallory, just off the North Shore of O'ahu - and wanted to commemorate that trip with a statement painting full of good vibes (even though my 6-month pregnant wife spent most of that day seasick :<)... Finished in watercolor, the warm tones are bright and simple, but with a good flow across the 65" panel I chose as the backdrop. If you're wandering, yes we got the Bull swimming with this fish as well (followed her right up to the boat), and he's been the subject of a few other paintings.

Bull Mahi Gyotaku - Gudzan

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