Water and Art

So here’s the thing: Art has everything to do with water. If you’ve ever ridden a board, eddied out in a canoe, been entranced by tailing redfish, or felt a roll cast come peeling off your fly rod, you’ve felt the same soul-lighting rush that my art attempts to distill into two dimensions.

Today someone asked me "why do you paint fish", and I guess before now I've never really tried to verbalize it. I paint fish (and other water-inspired works) the way I do because I want others to feel that same connectedness, purity, clarity, purpose, and perspective I feel when I'm on the water. I honestly can't explain what water makes me feel, so my only way to communicate it is to do it visually. To some, my art may seem like utter foolishness. And I'm cool with that. But to the right person, it's moving. And that's what moves me.

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